Overview of JBC Grantee Cohort


The Just Beginnings Collaborative’s current grantee cohort includes 10 organizations and 8 fellows.

These visionary leaders represent a broad cross-section of the work to end child sexual abuse, while sharing a commitment to advancing a national movement on this issue. They are activists and organizers, thinkers and healers, cultural workers and teachers, community elders and youth advocates, faith leaders and storytellers. Their work represents bold and innovative strategies designed to bring more people and greater visibility to this movement.

At JBC, we believe that centering the people most affected is critical to building a powerful and sustainable movement. Collectively, this cohort represents a new center of gravity in the work to end child sexual abuse—one that ensures survivors, marginalized communities, and people of color are setting the strategic direction for this movement.

JBC’s cohort of grantees is creating the future we want to see: working together in service of a shared vision of a world without child sexual abuse. They are embracing the complexities of the problem and the possibilities to realize the long term, sustainable solutions. They inspire in us the knowledge that ending child sexual abuse is possible.

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