Photo of Nicole Pittman, Executive Director at Just Beginnings Collaborative

Nicole Pittman (she/her)
Executive Director
Unceded Ohlone land (Oakland, CA)

Nicole joined Just Beginnings Collaborative in 2020 with the quest to reimagine the organization and help weave the issue of child sexual abuse into the broader tapestry of social justice movements. She is an Abolitionist Feminist who believes true child sexual abuse prevention begins with unraveling one-size-fits-all responses while examining root causes and amplifying community strengths. With twenty-three years of experience as a lawyer, social justice policy advocate, and activist—and through her work creating national initiatives like the Center on Youth Registration Reform (CYRR), writing a Human Rights Watch report, and transforming legislation—she has seen firsthand that our country’s existing “solutions” are merely after-the-fact responses to harm.

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Jenani Srijeyanthan (they/she/them)
National Movement Incubator
Unceded Muscogee land (Atlanta, GA)

jenani “jen” srijeyanthan is a tamil queer femme disabled organizer originally (and proudly) from central Jersey. Their organizing interests include: survivor defense, transformative justice, education, building spaces, and dreaming of a world where love reigns supreme. jenani received her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and behavioral biology from Emory University. Since graduating, they have utilized an intersectional lens around trauma, harm reduction, and survivorship in a variety of academic, policy, and grassroots settings.

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Steering Committee

Maura Bairley

Elizabeth Droggitis

Quentin Walcott