Just Beginnings Collaborative (JBC) is the only activist fund in the world led by and meant for survivors developing strategies to end child sexual abuse that simultaneously address community and state violence. 

Currently, JBC is in a period of deep inquiry in order to redefine our role in the movement to end child sexual abuse. In 2021, our grant making and capacity building support has been temporarily put on hold as we revisit the strategies that significantly impact the work and expand philanthropic resources.

While reimagining our work, we are committed to boldly exploring:

  • JBC’s function in asking: How does childhood sexual harm connect to a structurally oppressive lineage?
  • How JBC might empower children as active agents engaged in keeping themselves and their peers safe, rather than passive recipients of protective measures.
  • JBC’s potential role as a storytelling hub for communities of color and LGBTQIA+ communities that have long demonstrated resilience, hope, and healing without relying on systems of extraction and/or punishment.
  • JBC’s ability to map the rituals of repair enacted by these communities and weave them into the tapestry of anti-violence movements.

Despite our funding activities being put on hold in 2021, we invite any prospective partners—as well as past grantees and inaugural cohort members—to reach out to us if they see fit and have the time and energy to do so at [email protected]. Relationships are vital to our learning process, and our ongoing organizational examination is both inward- and outward-looking. We are adopting a stance of deep listening to the leaders we have already aligned with as well as those in the movement (and in philanthropy) we have yet to meet.