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Just Beginnings Collaborative (JBC) supports survivor-centered efforts to heal from, prevent, and ultimately end child sexual abuse (CSA). Our commitment to this horizon distinguishes our conception of a donor collaborative. We want to challenge the felt inevitably of CSA by pulling on the issue’s narrative and cultural threads. In a threefold process, we want to 1) disentangle children’s stories from exclusively institutional models, 2) weave them into the broader tapestry of other anti-violence movements, and 3) re-weave them into institutional partnerships that make space for restoration and healing.

Gathering inspiration from anti-violence movements led by women, and especially women of color, JBC honors and recognizes their profound achievements in naming cycles of systemic violence rooted in entrenched norms and social structures. We facilitate meaningful encounters between forward-thinking funder allies and organizers, activists, and advocates working with those who are systemically blocked from opportunity. Our efforts to re-story child sexual abuse fall into three programmatic pillars:

  • Amplify the efforts of multiply vulnerable survivor-leaders (BIPOC, QT BIPOC, those with disabilities)
  • Cultivate funder allies ready to leverage their positions to support this work
  • Develop a campaign linking CSA into broader anti-violence movements

Our work entails a self-reflexive process and a “habit of mind” that are deeply intertwined. Thought and action go hand-in-hand, and how we feel child sexual abuse can be both radically re-framed in our society and ended.