Each of our grantees is leading the way in fostering a necessary component of true prevention. Our current group is comprised of innovative anti-violence practitioners, creators of processes and interventions, healers supporting survivors and those in movement, builders of deep relationships, and advocates removing systemic barriers that keep communities from taking care of themselves. The collective effect of their efforts paves the road toward interrupting and ending child sexual abuse.

Transformative Practice: Mike Milton (he/his)
Freedom Community Center

The Freedom Community Center’s mission is to build a movement of survivors that will meaningfully address violence in St. Louis City and collectively design alternatives to state systems of punishment. The FCC community fights to end mass incarceration and advocate for transformative justice approaches to reducing harm. As part of the organization’s vision to end mass incarceration and systems of punishment, FCC is actively developing the practices and tools to address all forms of harm, including instances of child sexual abuse. Freedom Community Center is practicing the solutions we have and need for true prevention.

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Resourcing Communities: Dr. Mimi Kim (she/her)
Creative Interventions

Dr. Kim is a longtime anti-domestic violence and anti-sexual violence advocate and founder of Creative Interventions, a seminal project designed to shift power and resources back to communities and families most impacted by violence. Dr. Kim’s work has had a far-reaching influence amongst anti-violence activists and practitioners the world over, and the tools and resources she has developed have shaped countless organizations, community accountability processes, and transformative justice practices. Dr. Kim’s framework provides a necessary foundation for thinking of child sexual abuse prevention as being built alongside each other, not imposed by an outside institution.

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Healing the Movement: AW Shields, MDiv., MSW, LCSW (she/her)
Root Cause Collective

Root Cause Collective is a group of mental health and wellness professionals committed to creating an ecology of wellness for the whole being through liberative, preventative, and intersectional wellness equity and healing justice. Root Cause Collective understands the importance of deep holistic care for those working in activism and organizing and actively explores the inner work needed for us to live in accordance and harmony with our values. They continue to help movement leaders enrich the clarity and effectiveness of their visions for social change through personal and communal healing. The journeys Root Cause Collective facilitate are essential for those who seek to prevent child sexual abuse and shift our existing mental models attached to this issue.

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Building Relationships: Mia Mingus (she/her)
SOIL Project

SOIL: A Transformative Justice Project, builds the conditions for transformative justice to grow and thrive. SOIL seeks to create a world in which everyone is able to effectively respond to, transform, and prevent harm without relying on punishment, violence, or oppressive systems and norms. SOIL is the continuation of the longstanding work of Mia Mingus, whose contributions to the field of transformative justice have greatly expanded our understanding of the potential for this framework to lead us away from harm toward actual solutions. Mia is also one of the few movement leaders helping us all flex the emotional and interpersonal muscles we need to address and stop child sexual abuse.

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