Strategic Goals


The Just Beginnings Collaborative is designed to achieve three goals:

Leaders and Organizations

The Just Beginnings Collaborative is animated by a vision of a movement with strong, aligned leaders and organizations that have the capacity to end child sexual abuse.

To this end, we host a variety of activities designed to bring leaders together to strengthen their relationships with one another, deepen their collective analysis, and develop shared strategies for moving the work forward. We also provide grants, training, and other resources to individuals and organizations working in the field.

Specific opportunities for leaders and organizations to participate include:

  • Convenings: Through a series of in-person convenings, we bring leaders together to develop a common vision, share best practices, and deepen collaborative efforts.
  • Peer Learning Circles: We host a series of learning circles designed to generate new insights into the multiple systems that contribute to child sexual abuse, clarify our goals as a movement, and identify the critical levers that will help us achieve our goals.
  • Grants and Capacity Building: We ensure that leaders and organizations are resourced through funding and training in social change strategies. We also provide strategy support and coaching for individuals and organizations looking to expand or deepen their work on this issue.

Community of Funders

The Just Beginnings Collaborative is committed to the long-term sustainability of this work and as such, one of our goals is to create a powerful and organized community of funders.

The Collaborative is a strategic home for funders who care about this issue and want to have an impact greater than what they can do on their own. Our funding partners include:

  • Individual donors
  • Family foundations
  • Private foundations

We offer our funding partners a range of opportunities to build relationships with others who care about this work, deepen their knowledge about this issue, and see the impact of their investment. Our structure is flexible, offering partners the opportunity to tailor their involvement according to their interests.

Specific opportunities for funding partners to participate include:

  • Quarterly updates
  • Site visits and learning exchanges with grantees
  • Research briefings
  • Convenings with other funders

Social Change Campaigns

The Just Beginnings Collaborative works to raise the visibility of child sexual abuse in the public sphere and to change the cultural norms that support it.

To these ends, we aim to create social change campaigns that:

  • Increase awareness that child sexual abuse touches every one of us, and is at the root of many challenges facing our families and communities.
  • Increase understanding that ending child sexual abuse requires more than individual healing for survivors and punitive measures for abusers.
  • Ensure that communities are no longer silent in the face of this epidemic.

These campaigns will help create the conditions where we can—and will—end child sexual abuse.